Webtraffic, Win - Win & Wealth-Building with Immy Tariq

Imran Tariq more commonly known as Immy Tariq is a multiple #1 best selling author as well as being named as one of the top 20 entrepreneurs by Forbes and a world-renowned SEO for Fox News. Imran has been a sought after guest expert on CNN, CNBC, Bravo, A&E, and many other media outlets and is a contributor to Business Insider Entrepreneur, The Today Show. In today's episode Monique & Immy will talk about how to acquire a company & scale it fast, why SEO is key to fast growth and what entrepreneurs completely miss out on these days.


[01:41] – Monique introduces her guest, Immy Tariq.


[02:26] – Tell us a little about what you’re actually doing and who you are?

  • I call myself a connector and networker.


[02:49] – How many businesses do you have right now?

    • I got six online companies.¬†


[03:05] – Where are you exactly right now?

      • In Florida.

[03:15] – Tell me a little bit about London.

      • It’s cold. It’s miserable and has high taxes.

      [03:41] – When did you leave London and why?

      • I left London in 2015.

      [04:12] – Tell us a little bit about how you are connecting people.

    • I try to stay in the shadows. I like to be in the background.

    [05:39] – How you got started to figuring out your way up to where you are right now?

    • When my dad died. I had to figure out a way to get make money.

    [08:53] – What did you do as a 12-year-old in London then?

  • I became a wizard.

[11:06] – How was the time for you when you left the UK and move to the US?

  • I moved to Indiana first, they’ve been very racist.

    [14:53] –¬† How do you look at what type of company to buy, where to buy them from & how to make the deal?

    • What I like to do when I’m buying companies is to look for recession-proof companies.


    [16:50] – What would you say are entrepreneurs doing wrong in their journey to success or what are they not doing?

    • Your environment is what determines your success.

      [17:58] – Why do you think there is such a big lack of clarity?

    • The first thing I will say is, it comes from a place of a lack of self-love.

      [21:36] – What do you think is something else that these days entrepreneurs are not doing?

    • They are not focused.

      [32:41] – What does efficiency mean to you?

    • So efficiency is about getting lots of good stuff for me.

      [33:05] – Which would be the three things that you would keep repeating in order to get to success again?

    • Sales
    • Good publicity
    • Focused on clarity






    Your environment is what determines your success

    Immy Tariq

    You have no choice but to be accountable to yourself.

    Immy Tariq