Values, Validation & Vulnerability with Cody Jefferson

Recognized as one of the country's leading personal and professional coaches by several major publications, Cody has been walking alongside thousands of entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals on the subjects of personal ownership and development, communication, leadership, and marketing/branding for nearly 2 decades.Cody is the founder and CEO of Embrace The Lion, and the creator of LION Method, the #1 Group Coaching Program for High-Achieving Men and Women looking to adopt the right support, belief, habits, and community to create success in their lives and businesses.In today’s episode, Cody and Monique are talking about how important it is to have really great mentors throughout your life, what it means to be vulnerable and how it can help shift your perspective in your business and life.


[01:42] – Monique introduces her guest, Cody Jefferson.


[01:56] – Who are you and what are you doing?

  • My name is Cody Jefferson.
  • For the past nearly 20 years, I have helped individuals, organizations tell better stories. 


[03:09] – Walk me a little bit through how you actually got into storytelling?

  • When I was 18, I got involved with a church here locally and started working for the church and that ended up being a 13-year career and all telling stories and recognizing that everyone has a story. They’re just waiting for someone to listen.


[12:38] – What was your approach to thinking that there’s nothing out there that helps you? How did you use what you’ve learned from your grandfather, to go through all of what just happened to you?

  • I’ve been really fortunate to have some really great mentors throughout my entire life, and really powerful men and women who are extraordinary individuals who pour into me, and they’ve been very fortunate for that. 


[25:43] – Cody explains two types of leaders.


[41:26] – When you left the church as a pastor, did you also leave your beliefs behind?

  • When I stepped out of the church and I step away from my faith.
  • I had a lot of questions.


[49:23] – What would you wish people would have asked you more?

  • I would say stop asking so many questions, start moving towards that which you desire with what you have in your hands and what you have in your head and what you have in your heart.


[52:36] – What does efficiency mean to you?

  • Efficiency means being responsible with the vision.


[53:56] – Which of the three things would you do over and over again, to get to success if you have to start out over?

  • Feeding my mind.
  • Feeding my body.
  • Feeding my relationships.


    Everyone has a story. They’re just waiting for someone to listen.

    Cody Jefferson

    I am not what I think I am, and I am not what you think I am. I am what I think you think I am.

    Charles Cooley

    Show me what you’re doing every day. And I’ll tell you what you actually believe to be true about yourself.

    Cody Jefferson