Haters, Hopes & Happiness with Steve Tan

Haters, Hopes & Happiness with Steve Tan

Haters, Hopes & Happiness with Steve Tan

Steve Tan - A Singapore serial entrepreneur with over 13 years of e-commerce and digital marketing experience. Steve along with his brother Evan Tan has sold over $100 million worth of products from their e-commerce stores, including one that has generated over $360,000 in revenue in a single day. Featured in major publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and TheNextWeb, Steve & Evan actively share their learnings through international events and their 80,000-member strong eCommerce Elites Masterminds Facebook group.In today’s episode, Steve and Monique are talking about the ups and downs of the eCommerce journey and how to build strategic methods for creating new brands and scaling new stores from zero to 8 figures in a matter of weeks.


[01:14] – Monique introduces her guest, Steve Tan.


[01:27] – Who you are and what you do?

      •  I’ve been an e-commerce entrepreneur for about 15 years now.
      •  I run multiple businesses I have the software business, drop-shipping agency.

[03:34] – Steve talks about how he started the e-commerce business with his brother.

[23:24] – Steve shares a little bit about how he got into with forex trading.

[40:57] – Tell me about how you grew up and also explain why your mom actually moved to China?

      • I grew up from a single-parent family.
      • My uncle who’s doing pretty well in China asked if my mom wants to explore doing business with him in China.
      • I think I gave my mom the encouragement, that is why she took the fate to go to China.

[43:58] – Did your brother tag along with you straight away?

      • He was alone with our helper in Singapore. We were all separated in our different regions.  

[49:06] – Let’s dive in a little bit into this whole hater situation and also into the burnout. What do you think did you learn from your family that actually helped you through getting all of the hate, especially in the beginning when you first experienced it?

      • The only thing I took away was, don’t fight media.
      •  I think I do have a very strong mindset.

[1:04:12] – How do you feel is it working with your brother?

      • Me and my brother were very close since we were young.

[1:10:46] – What does efficiency mean to you?

      • Efficiency means not being able to do things in the fastest and probably smartest way.

[1:11:39] – Which three things would you do over and over again to get back up to success?

      • Mindset.
      • You need to be a hustler.
      • Having digital marketing knowledge is definitely one of the most important keys to turning my tight.


If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs.

Steve Tan

Focus on the outcome and do whatever it takes to bring yourself to the next step.

Steve Tan

When one door closes another door opens.

Steve Tan


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