Manifesting, Mindset & Magic with Anita Garza

Manifesting, Mindset & Magic with Anita Garza

Manifesting, Mindset & Magic with Anita Garza

Anita Garza was Born in Africa and raised in Germany. She’s also a mom of two kids that ran her life for the most part. She is a Channel, a Healer, a Mentor and Leader and calls herself an “Improvement” Psychic, who does not just read the potential for your future, but also helps you to get there as well as an Energy Coach. She uses her Gifts to help her Clients create the most aligned flow with their own Infinite Intelligence, so they get to shine to the fullest in their Zone of Genius. In today’s episode, Anita and Monique are talking about her Message about Acceptance and Unsubscribing from what you know to lead with Powerful Intention. She doesn't just tell you about your Potential. She'll show you how to reach it.


[1:06] – Monique introduces her guest, Anita Garza.


[1:42] – Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Your name, where you’re from and what you do.

  • I’m Anita and I live in Texas right now and I call myself an “Improvement” Psychic.


[2:33] – If you know about the future and tell us how to get there, what’s going up for the rest of the year?

  • I simply don’t get anything.


[4:51] – What do you usually say to people what they could do in “here and now” to go with change and accept it and maybe to grow with it?

  • Accepting that things aren’t going to change.
  • Start with accepting the way that you are feeling about the change.


[5:55] – When did you figure out in your life for the first time that you had these “psychic abilities”?

  • I believe I have always had it all my life and my family.


[14:26] – How was it to grow up in Bavaria, especially as a black family, not having many connections around with people?

  • I had a good childhood.
  • It’s just that people who were outside of my family or outside of the village, are just ignorants.


[15:45] – Is there a way to compare racism in Germany to racism in America?

  • In Germany, it was just ignorance of racism.
  • In America it’s violent racism.


[26:45] – Anita talks about moving to Alaska together with her ex-husband.


[34:24] –  Tell me a little bit about what you do with this human design?

  • I really help people with understanding their energy.


[51:06] – What do you do to get back in your power?

  • Absolutely nothing. 
  • One thing I don’t do is give myself a hard time.


[52:18]  – Why do you think many people give themselves a hard time and not listen to what they need?

  • Programming of the society.


[1:02:05] –  What does efficiency mean to you?

  • I am most efficient when I’m most connected.


[1:02:38] – Which of the three things would you keep doing over and over again to get back to success?

  • Learning to accept myself.
  • Trusting myself.
  • Really connecting and always recognizing the magic in me. 


    One thing I don’t do is give myself a hard time at all.

    Anita Garza

    The more magic I see in myself, the more magic I see in other people.

    Anita Garza

    I am most efficient when I’m most connected.

    Anita Garza


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