Operations, Outsourcing & Onboarding with Nathan Hirsch

Operations, Outsourcing & Onboarding with Nathan Hirsch

Operations, Outsourcing & Onboarding with Nathan Hirsch

Nathan Hirsch is an entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and eCommerce. Most recently, Nathan co-founded FreeeUp.com in 2015 with an initial $5,000 investment, scaled it to $12M per year in revenue, and was then acquired in 2019. Today, Nathan is a co-founder of OutsourceSchool, a company working to educate entrepreneurs on how to effectively hire and scale with virtual assistants through in-depth courses. Nathan has appeared on 300+ podcasts, is a social media personality, and loves sharing advice on scaling remote businesses. In today’s episode, Nathan and Monique are talking about how Nathan bootstrapped 3 different businesses with less than $5k initial investment. The last company hit 8-figures in revenue and was acquired within the industry, a dream that came true. Nathan also shares the journey from the initial investment, to efficiently scaling the business organically for 4 years. This episode is for all of you out there who are entrepreneurs by heart and are looking for inspiration to see, you too can be the one hitting big goals!


[1:12] – Monique introduces her guest, Nathan Hirsch.


[2:27] – Tell us about who you are, what you do, why you have a German surname and how was it growing up being a Half-German?

  • I am the co-founder of Outsource School
  • My dad’s German and Jewish.
  • I grew up in a town called East Longmeadow in Massachusetts.


[4:49] – Nathan talks about his first glimpse into being an entrepreneur.


[7:50] – Walk me through your experience of school and share a bit about the educational system.

  • College was a fun time. I met some of my best friends. I started my business there, I met my business partner.
  • Did I get an ROI on the degrees? Not, but if I didn’t go to college, then I wouldn’t have met my business partner and who knows where I’d be right now.


[12:21] – What made you decide that you don’t want to follow your parent’s steps?

  • My aunt influenced me a lot.
  • I got to see my aunt start her own business.
  • I gotta see her upgrade nicer houses as her business grows.
  • I got to talk to her and learn from her.


[15:27] – Which of the life skills do you think are the most important one when it comes to outsourcing?

  • Focusing your time and having a priority is important.
  • No matter what you’re doing in life, you have to have time management skills. You have to have the ability to prioritize.


[16:56] – When you started outsourcing, what was it that you were looking for in the beginning?

  • At the beginning, I just needed help.
  • I learned from scratch, and it took me years to build out my interview process. My on boarding process and my training process through a lot of trial and error.


[18:35] – Do you only hire people in the Philippines or do you actually hire worldwide?

  • I like to divide up hiring into three levels. The followers, the doers, and the experts.
  • I hire followers from the Philippines
  • And I hire doers and experts from different countries.


[19:16] – What do you think makes them the best followers?

  • They learn English at a very young age.
  • They have a great sense of family, which is good if you are creating a good culture and a good team.


[21:11] – What are the things that would piss you off the most about this industry?

  • Not treating the VA well.


[34:17] – What do you think are the great perks to offer to a team that’s not on a payroll?

  • They get the flexibility to work remotely.
  • I’m also flexible when it comes to days off.
  • We’ve thrown Christmas parties, where we’ll pay for the food. We’ll pay for everything and they’ll get together.


[40:01] – When you start working with entrepreneurs and outsourcing. What question would you wish they would ask you more?

  • I like to focus on system and process questions.


[44:32] – What does efficiency mean to you?

  • It’s all about figuring out what hours in the day I’m most productive doing things. And what I can get done to move the needle.


[46:36] – Which of the three things would you keep doing over and over again to get back to success?

  • Networking
  • Going on podcasts
  • Partnerships


    Focusing your time and having a priority is incredibly important.

    Nathan Hirsch

    You have to have time management skills, you have to have the ability to prioritize.

    Nathan Hirsch


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