Boybands, Business & Breaking Orbit with Fredrick Douglas Bussey

Boybands, Business & Breaking Orbit with Fredrick Douglas Bussey

Boybands, Business & Breaking Orbit with Fredrick Douglas Bussey

Fredrick Douglas Bussey is the author of the book “Breaking Orbit: Rip Out of the Regular By Unearthing the Power Within”. Fredrick coaches entrepreneurs and executives to unleash the power of their gift and create extraordinary results with the uniqueness that only they can bring into the world. As a serial entrepreneur and creative with more than 20 years experience in the Music & Entertainment industry, he has worked as a Songwriter, Producer, Publicist, Marketing Representative, Creative Director, and Artist Manager. In today’s episode, Fredrick talks to Monique about his purpose in life, to use his talents in helping others to discover and exploit their gifts to impact the world for the greatest good. He is passionate about helping others to develop their skill set to become successful, while attaining the freedom that entrepreneurship provides. Fredrick is a frequent speaker & presenter at schools, live events & conferences.


[2:47] – Monique introduces her guest, Douglas Bussey.


[3:36] – Tell us about who you are, what you do, where you’re from?

  • I am a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, business and leadership coach and I help entrepreneurs and leaders to realize the untapped potential they have to create the life that they deserve.


[9:21] – What was it that clicked for you that said “it was okay for you to be who you were?”

  • I’m still on the journey to have a few things that I need to be okay with myself.


[28:27] – Monique talks about Peter Crone as one of the most transformational person to work with.


[33:13] – Douglas talks about our lives being defined by identity.


[34:59] – Douglas explains trauma is a part of life. 


[48:14] – How have you been dealing with that identity shift of being in a boy band, having your passion and your creativity, and then suddenly not being in a boy band and then having to redefine who you are after that?

  • There was a process. It was gradual.


[1:00:23] –  What does efficiency mean to you?

  • Efficiency means walking in your gift. 


[1:00:51] – Which of the three things would you keep doing over and over again to get back to success?

  • In my book, there are three laws of gifts I talked about.
  • Everyone is creating with a gift.
  • Every gift is created with a purpose.
  • No gift can fail at the purpose for which it was created. 


    You can’t grow your business if you don’t personally grow and develop yourself.

    Fredrick Douglas Bussey

    There was nothing more efficient, nothing more productive in the world than being yourself.

    Fredrick Douglas Bussey

    Efficiency means walking in your gift.

    Fredrick Douglas Bussey


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