Chaos, Coaching & CEOs with John Murphy

Chaos, Coaching & CEOs with John Murphy

Chaos, Coaching & CEOs with John Murphy

John is the founder of John Murphy International, and coach to Fortune 100 companies, like Pfizer, Circle K, Merck, Airbus, and others. John's BHAG is to help his clients make a brilliant life for themselves and not just a brilliant living.In today’s episode, John and Monique are talking about why we should be focusing on what is important, John’s transition from being a CEO in the corporate world to being an independent coach to CEOs and how building his own business fits into his lifestyle.


[01:27] – Monique introduces her guest, John Murphy.


[01:41] – Please give us a little introduction to yourself, tell us where you from, and what have you done so far?

      • I’ve originally from Ireland
      • I spent my career in the corporate world.
      • I became the CEO of a pan European Insurance Group based in Dublin. 
      • In 2004 I set up my own coaching business, John Murphy International.

[03:10] – Why did you decide to leave the corporate world?

      • I was ambitious, I was young and I really want to make a mark.

[09:52] – Monique and John talk about leadership.


[28:59] – How are you approaching people who are successful already?

      • I think you’ve got to keep asking people, what actually really matters to them

[42:29] –  What did you do when you’ve lost your first wife and having these three beautiful teenagers but you were also a CEO in an insurance group?

      • I was angry, I was feeling sorry for myself, and asked how can I cope with all of that.
      • I went through a period where I really allowed myself to indulge in that.
      • I learned a lot by observing the three girls.

[50:05]  – What does efficiency mean to you?

      • I kind of put efficiency and effectiveness together. 
      • In order to be effective, you’ve got to be really clear about what’s important.
      • And then you bring efficiency in to actually make sure that you get the important things done.

[51:34] – Which of the three things would you keep repeating to get back to success?

      • Keep learning.
      • Stay connected.
      • Having rituals.


It is important for everyone to have that time of self reflection.

John Murphy

Leadership starts when no one is watching you.

Monique Lindner

True leaders are really vulnerable people and they display their vulnerability.

John Murphy


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