Shining, Storytelling & Speaking your Truth

Jaya Rose is a Speaking & Visibility Brand Growth Coach for Transformational Leaders and Creator of the Speak Your Truth Movement. She helps you create your Movement message, master Storytelling & become an Embodied Speaker. Jaya lives in Portland Oregon with her husband Jonathan, 7 yr old daughter Ava and Goldendoodle Charlie! She loves working out, dancing to reggae and cooking the yummiest vegetarian food. In today’s episode, Jaya talks to Monique about coaches, empaths and healers of the world are the new paradigm of leadership we have been waiting for, and that now it is more important than ever to claim your movement, share your story and speak your truth - creating a ripple effect of positive Global Impact!


[1:24] – Monique introduces her guest, Jaya Rose.

[2:49] –  Who are you, where are you from and what are you doing?

                  • I don’t have a story of hitting rock bottom and having an identity crisis. I’ve always had a strong intuition. I’ve always known what my next step was, I’ve always been decisive. I’ve always been an entrepreneur. 
                  • The biggest thing I needed to overcome was to allow myself to be all of what I am.

[5:37] – Jaya talks about a few of the times that her light frightened her.

[10:47] – What is your experience where you put things out, and you were so sure and then people just perceive that so differently?

                  • When I’m putting something out, I would say my Achilles heel is not a worry, or a recognition that someone is perceiving it differently. It’s what they think of me, it’s that I’m not good enough. 
                  • If someone’s taking me away that I didn’t intend I see it as their own thing.

[15:46] – Where have been those moments that you actually allowed yourself to be that light and to show up fully?

                  • Every time I put myself out, it always builds up a bit of that muscle, that vulnerability muscle, and that confidence of being willing to do it again.

[27:32] –  Did your parents kind of choose most of the parts of your name?

                  • The spiritual group chose Jaya.

[32:48] – I want to talk with you about your work and how you get people to actually step into that power and the light so they can show up authentically.

                  • I’ve helped people in a lot of different places.

[36:42] – Where do most people go wrong there?

                  • I think there is this expectation, and it’s all sort of mushed together.

[41:25] – Do you work primarily with women? Or do you also take men on?

                  • I do work primarily with women. I think I’ve worked with a few like a handful of men.

[42:27] – What do you think my clientele looks like?

                  • I think men would be comfortable with you.

[1:00:08] – If you would have to tell someone your three top tips for stepping up into the light shining bright claiming their power to be more visible, what would you tell them?

                  • Take action immediately.
                  • Pay attention to the signs and to the energy that you receive back  and what comes next. 
                  • Just keep going.

[1:01:16] –  What does efficiency mean to you?

                  • It means feeling good.

[1:01:30] – If you could have me ask you anything that I didn’t ask today, but that you feel like someone should ask you. What would that be?

                  • What’s your why?

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I’ve always known what my next step was, I’ve always been decisive. I’ve always been an entrepreneur.

Jaya Rose

The biggest thing I needed to overcome was to allow myself to be all of what I am.

Jaya Rose

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

Marianne Williamson


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