Selling, Storytelling & Standards with Lauren Raye Gordon

Lauren Gordon is a serial entrepreneur, business mentor, and mother. She helps coaches and professional services businesses clarify their message and attract high paying clients consistently through the Art of Social Storytelling.A college drop-out, left hometown of 600 people when she was 18, bought a one-way ticket alone to Australia with $500 to her name. The coming years were a crazy ride as she lost her best friend to cancer at 22 and found out she was unexpectedly pregnant shortly after. In "hustle" mode with her business by then and not willing to sacrifice time with her daughter once she got here, Lauren had no choice but to find a more efficient way to keep growing her business.In today’s episode, Lauren and Monique are talking about how Lauren kept growing her coaching business from 0-6 figures in 8 months while she was pregnant (and did it again while we were talking, but this time in secret!). Now she is serving hundreds of coaches helping them convey their message clearly & attract high-end clients predictably.


[01:39] – Monique introduces her guest, Lauren Raye Gordon.


[02:20] – Share with us the story about the time you moved to Australia and how you started your business.

      • I wanted to be in a much more calm environment, with more nature with more work-life balance. And so I looked at a map and I had my finger on either Europe or Australia. And I ended up picking Australia. 
      • I now run a multiple six-figure online coaching business. But I started as a freelance copywriter, I worked my way up. And it was a crazy three years. 

[17:02] – Lauren talks about how she met her partner and unexpectedly got pregnant.


[22:12] – How did the new partner by that time react to the pregnancy?

      • This person when I found out I was pregnant was extremely supportive. 

[27:25] – How did your audience react to this whole story? Because I know you were very open about it and shared it.

      • When I first initially shared it, there was shocked but there was all around love, and congratulations. And people already kind of saw me as a mother figure and a leader. So they were really excited for me to actually become a mother.

[29:44] – Do you think sharing a story like this could end up being “oversharing”?

      • What you want to ask yourself instead is what is the message that I want to share with my story and who do I want to reach with my story, who is the actual person that I want to attract with my story.

[31:43] – Lauren explains about boundaries and standards.


[35:24] – How do we know what standards we have? 

      • The first thing to look at, are the things that you’re not happy within your life.

[39:22] – How would you deal then with the pushback? 

      • So in terms of dealing with that pushback, the way to do that is to get very clear on what your message is and why you actually care about getting that message out into the world. 

[42:08] – What exercise do you want to share with our listeners that would be your favorite one to get clarity on your message and why you want to share it?

      • The first exercise to do is get clear on what problem you are actually solving through your product or service.

[44:51] – Which question would you wish that your clients would ask you more?

      • Probably a mindset question.

[47:35] – What do you think are the most important mindset traits that six or seven-figure business owners have that the people who want to get there don’t have?

      • Do not try to solve problems that do not exist.


[50:30] – What does efficiency mean to you?

      • Efficiency as a business owner is setting up your business to function without you always being present.
      • But on a smaller scale efficiency to me means getting the right things done consistently.


[52:43] – Which of the three things would you do over and over again, to get to success if you have to start out over?

      • Number one is my mindset.
      • The second thing I do is market and sell.
      • The third thing is I talked to my existing clients and my existing students.


You’re in control of so many things, so focus on what you are in control of.

Lauren Raye Gordon

Efficiency as a business owner is setting up your business to function without you always being present.

Lauren Raye Gordon

Do not try to solve problems that do not exist.

Lauren Raye Gordon