Replication, Rebellion & Revenue Leaks with Clair Kim

Clair Kim is a business architect, millennial expert, and social media influencer. She has consulted with over 250+ companies of all stages (from ideation to exit, from no revenue to 10 figures) internationally.In today’s episode, Clair and Monique are talking about her personal brand as a musician ranked amongst the top 5% of online influencers via Klout in 2015. As well, her frameworks helped companies to increase their revenue by up to 1000% while decreasing their workload by 60%. And in the process, she’s been featured on The Today Show, Forbes, Huffington Post, Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, and more. When Clair is not geeking out on business-related things, you can find her living her stage life as a musician, or surfing through YouTube for puppy videos - and that's exactly what Monique and Clair will do in today's episode


[01:41] – Monique introduces her guest, Clair Kim.


[03:08] – Tell everyone what you’re doing who you are, where you from.

  • I am based in Canada.
  • I’m a principal consultant at Clairly Designed and what we do at Clairly Designed is conscious companies come to us when they’re ready to maximize their growth potential. 


[04:15] – Clair explains what talent and revenue leaks are all about.


[24:42] – How did you find your first clients and how did you make things work?

  • Just go online.
  • Pretty much all those places online where I knew people will be hiring for these part-time or freelancers. 


[33:50] – You mentioned you have Asian parents. Tell me a little bit about where they’re from originally.

  • They are South Koreans.


[34:42] – Clair talks about her family and their business.


[38:29] – Tell me a little bit about your music career.

  • When it comes to establishing a musician, brand per se, It didn’t really happen until I was about 20 years old.


[43:43] – So what would you say is your music genre, more pop, or anything specific?

  • It’s going to be pop acoustic sort of a thing.


[45:39] – How are you managing your business, consulting, music, puppies, and unicorns as well as food all at once?

  • Food is non-negotiable. 
  • My golden rule, I don’t want to starve. 
  • Based on how I work I found that at once I sit down I don’t like getting up.
  • I like to schedule things on my productivity and my priorities and stuff like that.


[52:43] – What is one question that you wish corporations or business owners would ask you more?

  • “How can we recruit the right people in the first place that is not going to fly off six months after they get the job.”


[57:35] – What does efficiency mean to you?

  • Things are done in the most optimized and minimum distraction kind of way.


[58:29] –  If you had to start over again with the knowledge that you have today, which three things would you do over and over again to get back up to success again?

  • Business structuring activities.
  • Working on that lead generation aspect.
  • Tuning and optimizing the results creation and client services fulfillment.


Only hire people that you know are going to be extremely dedicated to your organization.

Clair Kim

Whatever you’re doing side projects and so on, or even if they seem to be in a complete different industry find a way to tie it back together.

Clair Kim

Efficiency means things are getting done in the most optimized way and with minimum distraction.

Clair Kim