Practice, Patience & Persistence with David Schloss

David Schloss is an online entrepreneur who began marketing in 2007 from his college apartment.Over the years, he has helped hundreds of businesses improve their website traffic, customer acquisition, and revenue using social advertising.His business, Convert ROI, enables businesses to succeed by taking complicated social ad plans and seamlessly turning them into easy-to-follow revenue-producing campaigns. He manages over $2.5mil per month in paid advertising via Facebook and Instagram.In today’s episode, David and Monique are talking about how he started in online marketing 13 years ago from his college apartment while managing a full school schedule. He built the entire business on school loans and reconfigured his schedule to focus more on business than school while still getting his degree.


[01:27] – Monique introduces her guest, David Schloss.

[01:55] – Tell everyone who you are and what you’re doing?

  • I’m an ad agency owner. I basically operate an agency out of Colorado first started in Florida.


[03:43] – David talks about how life is in Miami.


[06:08] – Are your parents also born in the US?

  • My dad was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. My mom was born in Havana, Cuba.


[06:48] – Did you ever feel like in between cultures having a mom from Cuba?

  • Yes, so I was automatically supposed to know Spanish. That’s a default. 


[11:05] – David talks about how he got into entrepreneurship.

[23:45] – How did you get to the point of depression and how did you deal with it? 

  • It was all in my head and plenty of nights of crying and figuring out what the hell am I doing?
  • I just recorded what I’m thinking and feeling while changing my life simultaneously? 


[34:45] – What happened when you were about to lose your business?

  • At that time I had a mentor I just began working with this guy. And he didn’t want anything from me.
  • He told me that it was in his own business that the seven-year mark was when things broke down, rebuilt it, and came back 10 times stronger. 


[47:26] – What do you think was the top three or five pieces of advice you’ve got from different people that actually replied, that helped you snapping you out of this scenario?

  • So I came up with the idea of practice, patience, and persistence. 


[1:00:20] – Tell me what’s the meaning of efficiency to you?

  • Efficiency now has to do more with not just taking an action to get something done, but it is meaningful action towards the bigger goal.


[1:02:29] – What would be the three things that you would keep doing over and over again to get back to success?

  • I would have continually done move in the direction of having An agency.
  • I also believe that I would have to take my health a lot more seriously along the way.
  • I would have continued the day trade.


If you can’t get to the seven-year mark to your business and have some sort of downfall. It’s inevitable that it’s going to happen.

David Schloss

When things broke down, rebuilt it and came back 10 times stronger.

David Schloss

Keep practicing your craft. Be very persistent with continuing to do it. And then your patience comes along.

David Schloss


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