Poverty, Pain & The Power of Progression with John Marrone

John Marrone ultimately hit rock bottom when he found himself sitting in a jail cell after years over years of living life full of selfishness, anger & in a victim mentality. One day, he found himself sitting in the attic with 4 feet of water in the house during Hurricane Sandy John had the fear of death and he realized that enough was enough and he no longer wanted to live a mediocre life and felt compelled to ensure that no one else lives a life of mediocrity either. He set out to arm himself with whatever it took to help people become the best version of themselves. He relentlessly spent the last decade studying and interviewing the most innovative, inspiring, and brilliant minds in the world. Now, as a world-renown speaker and life coach sharing the stage with people like Tony Robbins and Eric Thomas, In today’s episode, John and Monique are talking about John’s mission to help you peel back the layers and unveil the authentic and unstoppable you.


[01:56] – Monique introduces her guest, John Marrone.


[02:34] – Tell everyone a little bit about you.

  • I’m a transformational coach as well as a transformational speaker.
  • I give actionable tools to start creating the ultimate version of that person so they could design a life they always wanted to live.


[05:15] – Tell me what is your version of the motivation turning that into inspiration and then into transformation with your clients.

  • It starts with the reason.
  • Motivation is temporary, inspiration lasts a little bit longer, but your “WHY” is the whole thing that keeps you going.


[09:26] – When was the first time in your life that kind of like your alarm went off and did you listen to it?

  • Choose where you’re at now as the bottom and never going any further and use that as your platform to go ahead and expedite everything you’re doing to get the results you want.


[20:26] – Why do you think you got addicted? Why do you think you got to the point to jail? Why do you think you ended up in that house with Hurricane Sandy when everybody else may be left? Why do you think you ended up there?

  • I try to fit in everywhere because I think I was trying to be accepted. And so that became an addiction to become accepted.
  • And going back to Hurricane Sandy, the label was like, I’m invincible.


[25:25] – Why did ending up in jail not change anything for you but the hurricane did?

  • I just spent six months on house arrest like nothing’s changed. And then I met my wife.
  • When Hurricane Sandy came, and I thought I was gonna die. I realized it could be gone like that.
  • I realized life is so precious.


[35:50] – So how does this control part show up for you?

  • Either you want to control or you want fulfillment. You can’t have both. 

[44:15] –  If you have someone who’s struggling with knowing who they are and trying to fit in, how would you tell them how to take off their masks without worrying that they’re not accepted or they don’t belong?

  • The first step is you got to know who you are. 
  • You can’t be everything to everyone.
  • Care about what the right people think.
  • The hardest thing to do is to be authentically you.


[51:35] – Besides all of the titles, in one sentence, who is John Marrone?

  • Somebody who realizes that his past doesn’t determine his future, somebody who wants to create the ultimate version of himself and his life he always wants to live while doing it to the masses and helping others.


[58:30] – What does efficiency mean to you?

  • Efficiency means to me daily progression.


[59:51] – If you had to start all over again, which of the three things would you keep doing to get where you are today?

  • Number one is perspective. 
  • Number two is massive self-awareness.
  • And three, be grateful for where you’re at and then get comfortable being uncomfortable.





    [18:41] Monique’s TEDx talk about Turning Pain into Power: https://www.moniquelindner.com/tedx-chiang-mai-women-the-power-of-resiliency/

    [43:57] – Brené Brown: https://fs.blog/2014/10/brene-brown-guilt-shame/

    [1:02:34] – John Marrone’s Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/power-of-progression/id1437080390


    Motivation is temporary, inspiration lasts a little bit longer. But your “WHY” is the whole thing that keeps you going.

    John Marrone

    Worrying about tomorrow’s problems ruins today’s piece

    John Marrone

    Choose where you’re at now as the bottom and never going any further and use that as your platform to go ahead and expedite everything you’re doing to get the results you want.

    John Marrone

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