Perfectionism, Personality & Pride with Falyn Satterfield

Falyn Satterfield is a mystical Brand, Content, & Marketing strategist. Specifically, she works with highly ambitious, impact-driven, conscious service-based entrepreneurs to design an authentic, influential, and profitable brand position, marketing message, & content so that they can stand out online, enhance their divine impact, build conscious influence in their industry, and consistently + increasingly monetize their genius using Facebook and Instagram. In today’s episode Falyn and Monique are talking about how Falyn chose to become independent when she was 17. Later she dropped out of college and is now running her own business. The way she teaches marketing is based on a higher level of consciousness so you can attract your ideal clients.


[1:50] – Monique introduces her guest, Falyn Satterfield.


[1:59] – Please introduce yourself and tell us: who you are, what you do and where you are located?

  • My name is Falyn Satterfield.
  • I’m a brand content marketing and influencer strategist.
  • I run my own online business. I work with service-based conscious entrepreneurs to build a standout brand position in their industry. We also create content that is authentic, influential, and profitable.


[2:55] –  What is this conscious marketing branding that you’re talking about? How does it work?

  • Conscious marketing is a term that I have really culminated in the online space and brought a lot of awareness to.


[5:33] – How did you get to see that there’s something going wrong in the marketing industry?

  • It was kind of the same thing as being in the industry and then seeing all of this copy and pasted model of verbiage regurgitated value like no uniqueness whatsoever.


[8:22] – Where did you grow up? And also: how was the whole experience of growing up for you and how did it influence you on how you do marketing right now?

  • I’m originally from Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • My parents were divorced before I even turned one year old.
  • I guess you could say my childhood was super unstable. I had a lot of issues with my parents.


[30:33] – When did you come out to your mom and she started treating you badly?

  • It wasn’t that I even got the chance to come out. She had gone through my phone.
  • She found out on her own by invading my privacy.


[42:45] – What do you think is the most empowering thing for you about having your business?

  • The most empowering thing about having my business is definitely the ability to be fully expressed. And to express my creative freedom.
  • I found that using my voice is actually really healing for me.


[44:36] – What do you do about backlash coming in for real?

  • The people who are doing that are very unconscious to their own privilege.
  • Sharing awareness and speaking out, using your voice is important, but when it comes to the backlash, it’s literally not useful to respond and argue with them.


[51:39] –  What does efficiency mean to you?

  • It means being able to do things quickly in the easiest and simplest way.


[52:01] – Which three things would you keep doing, again and again, to get back to success?

  • Live streams 
  • Consistent content creation 
  • Energy and mindset work.


    I found that using my voice is actually really healing for me.

    Falyn Satterfield

    Sharing awareness, speaking out and using your voice is important.

    Falyn Satterfield

    Efficiency means being able to do things quickly and the easiest and simplest way.

    Falyn Satterfield


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