People, Power & Performance with Mads Singers

Meet Mads Singers, the Top Management Coach, and Consultant. He helps business owners focus on running and growing their business rather than working in it.Allow Mads to change your approach to management and the way you interact and communicate with team members and learn how DISC can change your business. Let’s learn more about Mads together with your host, Monique.


[01:11] – Monique introduces her guest, Mads Singers.


[01:43] – Tell our audience a little bit about who you are.

  • Originally from Denmark and spent 20 years being in management and this is my passion.

[04:20] – Tell me what are the huge difference between leadership and management?

  • Most people feel management is a big scary thing.
  • The reason why most people find management very scary is, that they’ve never spent any time improving it


[07:48] – Mads talks about how small things can make huge differences.

[13:40] – Mads explains how you get the good stuff by looking at the things from the good side.

[14:50] – Mads describes personalities sort of behavioural tools.

[18:13] – Mads talks about different kinds of people.


[20:03] – Can you explain more about the DISC profile?

  • D – Dominance. Describes dominant people.
  • I – Influence. People who love getting attention.
  • S – Steadiness. People who always think about everyone else before they think about themselves.
  • C – Compliance. For very detail-oriented people. 


[23:59] – Mads explains the DISC profile in detail. 

[24:25] – When you we first met, what did you think was my result?

  • Your fundamentals from a basic point of view shows a DC.
  • You’re extremely task-focused. 


[25:19] – Monique and Mads discuss cultural aspects that play into DISC results.

[28:57] – Mads talks about clients he’s working with. 

[30:13] – Monique and Mads explain what core value means. 


[34:22] – Tell me about how you actually got started with this work and why you’re doing it?

  • I am a naturally high S and a high C and my passion is helping people so that’s sort of the primary drive for myself.


[35:40] – What was the most unbelievable story throughout your coaching?

  • Mads tells the story of a client and his team
  • The problem is a lot of people like new shit, they like getting more responsibility.


[38:07] –  What does efficiency mean to you?

  • For me, it’s all about prioritization.
  • it’s really about if are you using the time on the right things?




    Find Mads management course here:

    More information about the DiSC profile:

    Free DISC test (short version):


    The small things are what can make huge differences

    Mads Singers

    People find management very scary because they never spent any time improving it

    Mads Singers

    The more you can look at things from the good side, the more you get the good stuff out of it
    Mads Singers






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