Life Lessons, Language & Leveling Up with Ross Johnson

Ross Johnson is a 27-year-old serial entrepreneur dedicated to teaching coaches and consultants on how to grow their online businesses.His trajectory was anything but typical. He went from being a broke personal trainer to building two million-dollar businesses in just four years, one of which he exited successfully.In today’s episode, Ross and Monique are talking about how Ross helped hundreds of people grow their online business through his mentorship programs, earning him mentions in various esteemed publications, including Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur.


[01:49] – Monique introduces her guest, Ross Johnson.


[02:03] – You recently started traveling. Tell me about it.

  • I haven’t really been out in the world that much.
  • I went to Dubai, Egypt, and I just went to Paris. 


[10:50] – I’ve seen one of your latest posts, which I thought was pretty interesting. Tell me a little bit about the post.

  • I think it’s not even about that topic.
  • It’s more about the lack of responsibility of people and their use of language in general.
  • Language and the things that you say to people is way more important than what people think it is.


[19:46] –  I feel like sometimes it’s super interesting to also see if you use these patterns with someone that doesn’t know them. So what’s your experience with that when you start using them?

  • It’s challenging to watch your own language all the time. Because you’re always talking.


[22:50] – You started your first businesses when you were in a relationship, right? 

  • I started a lot of businesses. None of them were successful. So the first ones that were successful I started with her.


[23:15] – Have you already been aware of these communication patterns by then?

  • I think we weren’t understanding each other the same way. And that was really challenging for the business.


[29:55] – So what do you think is the number one thing you learned about yourself that was so unexpected to you in this whole business journey so far?

  • I think I didn’t have emotions for a long time.
  • I thought that’s what I needed to do. Money was a huge focus for me as a kid because I grew up super poor and everything in my house was like money was never there. 


[38:15] – Who’s Ross Johnson now?

  • Who I am is a fluid concept I think I’m always someone different.


[45:30] – Tell me what does efficiency mean to you?

  •  Setting yourself up for like a low drag lifestyle.


[46:54] – What are the three things that you would do over and over again to get where you are now?

  • Focus is super important.
  • Solving a real problem is really important.
  • Asking for help earlier would be great.





#Book – Nonviolent Communication by  Marshall B. Rosenberg

#Book – Mindhacking by John Hargrave


Language and the things that you say to people is way more important than what people think it is.

Ross Johnson

Success is inevitable if you just never stop trying.

Ross Johnson

People get in arguments because people actually are never saying what they think they’re saying.

Ross Johnson