Instagram, Influence & Identity with Eddie Smith

Eddie started geeking out about Instagram in 2015 and hasn’t looked back since. He learned how to turn smartphones into mobile billboards to spread your message to the masses.He went from selling billboards for iHeart Media to helping businesses grow their audience on Instagram and found a way to quickly source hashtags for maximum traffic and minimum effort.In today’s episode, Eddie and Monique are talking about the key to unlocking Instagram’s success even if you’re not famous without buying fake likes or lame followers.


[01:56] – Monique introduces her guest, Eddie Smith.


[03:02] – Tell us who you are and what you do.

  • My name is Eddie Smith, a regular guy, trying to make a big impact.
  • I own a marketing agency, and I do some coaching and consulting as well.


[10:45] – What were you doing as an athlete and how did you get to go through this identity shift?

  • I was bigger, better, faster, stronger.
  • I’ve got in trouble. And because I got in trouble they told me I couldn’t play sports at this new school that I went to.
  • I replace it with Instagram, and I started to recreated myself.


[18:33] – How can you compare Instagram and being an athlete?

  • It’s like the way my brain works.


[22:03] – Tell us a few of your results because I don’t think people actually know what freaking crazy results you can get on IG

  • I used to be able to grow an Instagram account from zero to 100,000 followers in 90 days or less.


[25:08] – What are the most important things of growing Instagram accounts?

  • Mostly it’s about a community. 
  • It’s about consistency, 
  • Reach
  • Frequency


[45:56] – Can you bust some myths for us about hashtags, for example, where to post them?

  • I think hashtags are really important.
  • If the community, consistency, reach and frequency is like your car, hashtags are the gas.


[51:08] – I want to know what’s up for you in the new year?

  • My big goal is to get my book and my book out.
  • It’s about the lessons I’ve learned throughout my life.


[56:23]  – What does efficiency actually mean to you?

  • Efficiency for me is like doing something in a way that allows you to minimize because this is something that you can’t control, sometimes it would minimize the possibility of having to do it again.


[57:43] –  What are your favorite three things to do to get to where you are right now?

  • People will not understand your vision because they can’t see it as you can.
  • Even if you don’t understand it but you know that it’s the right thing. Do it, because there’s a lesson to be learned.





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If you don’t find something that fills your soul up, all the money in the world, all the riches, all the whatever, it won’t ever mean anything.

Eddie Smith

Even if you don’t understand it, but you know that it’s the right thing. Do it, because there’s a lesson to be learned.
Eddie Smith

Building your community is more about finding the people or the people might find you that you have this shared vision with and then support each other.

Eddie Smith