Hollywood, Health & The Hustle with Abby Walla

Abby Walla is an award-winning Actor/Writer/Entrepreneur in Hollywood. She has acted in top TV shows & movies on HBO, Netflix, Amazon, ABC and more. She coaches entrepreneurs to become confident & authentic on camera to attract their dream clients and make their competition irrelevant using the "Crushing It On Camera" video techniques. She also built a 6-figure Digital Marketing agency on the side in under a year while traveling the country promoting her film on the film festival circuit. In today’s episode, Abby and Monique are talking about setting strict priorities and how to be okay with the fact that there are days that not everything is going to get done. And that this, besides many surprises, is just part of running a business.


[02:19] – Monique introduces her guest, Abby Walla.

[03:48] – Let everyone know what are you doing?

      • So I am an actor and a writer living in Los Angeles, California.
      • I am also an entrepreneur.
      • I have a business called Crushing It On Camera where I teach entrepreneurs how to be awesome on camera.

[05:10] – How did you split your time between being an actress, an author, and your business?

      • Even if your career is going really well there’s typically a need to have some other income involved.
      • It gave me an amazing opportunity to start my business, I’m really passionate about it because I’m able to do what I love

[07:21] – How did you work with the things you planned and then suddenly you get a call for a casting and then everything is different?

      • It’s challenging when it comes up because I just have to totally shift gears and then commit to what’s right in front of me.
      • It was important not to actually block out every hour of the day because it would be like, too hard to like move things around.

[10:57] – During our work, what did we figure out about health issues and how were we able to integrate them as well?

      • Health stuff is crazy because sometimes it happens and you can’t see it coming and then sometimes it just like, snap your fingers and it’s there and you were not expecting in.

[15:53] – Monique and Abby talk about hiring and delegating.


[23:14] – How do you show up yourself on camera when you actually don’t feel like you’re 100%?

      • The motivation that I need is like focusing on the value that I’m going to give or the impact that I’m going to have like trying to take the focus off of myself and how I’m feeling and on, the purpose of what I’m doing, that helps motivate me more.

[27:48] – Should you actually show up at all if you really don’t feel like it or should you look back on what actually happened and show up afterward?

      • I do think we have to put our self-care first. And sometimes that means we need to have the internet off and our phones away, and we just need time for ourselves to heal.  

[34:36] – So tell me about your program, Crushing It On Camera, what is the essence of entrepreneurs and business owners usually go wrong?

      • People just don’t prepare that they want it to come across like they’re doing it on the fly and it’s natural and conversational, but then they don’t even do any preparation.

[47:28] – What does efficiency mean to you?

      • The smartest way to get to where you need to go

[48:14] – What are your top three things that have gotten you from where you started to where you are now that you wouldn’t want to miss for the ongoing journey?’

      • Believing that it’s possible.
      • Hiring coaches and mentors.
      • Not being afraid to put the work in,
      • Take care of yourself (well, a bonus one)  





[04:42] – How Monique helped Abby to finally get everything scheduled & ‘under control’ –

[31:08] – Course on Becoming a boundaries badass by Mark Groves –

[50:37] – Abby’s Facebook Group For Entrepreneurs on Camera –


Being hard on what the priorities are, and then just being okay with the fact that there are days that not everything is going to get done, and that’s okay. And that’s just part of running a business.

Abby Walla

The pain is what brings you to your power.

Monique Lindner

I do think we have to put our self-care first. And sometimes that means we need to have the internet off and our phones away, and we just need time for ourselves to heal.
Abby Walla

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