Health, Healing & Holistic Medicine with Aimee Tariq

Aimee Tariq lives in sunny Florida and has six adorable pets. She was recently featured #2 on the Top 20 Entrepreneurs list on Forbes. Aimee Tariq is a #1 Best Selling Author and is working on another book with the doctor who created the whole holistic movement. Aimee teaches how Health is more than what you look like and how you eat. After suffering near-death experiences and having a heart that would beat faster than 200 beats per minute, Aimee changed her life and made health her focus. She now empowers professionals to live their best lives by removing toxic triggers and maximizing energy, focus, and productivity. In today’s episode, Aimee and Monique are talking about the journey to true health. And as so often, the path to health is not the one we choose for ourselves or we imagine to walk. Health often is a fundamental block of your career and life! Aimee empowers busy professionals to live their best lives by controlling their state of wellbeing; physically and emotionally.


[01:27] – Monique introduces her guest, Aimee Tariq.


[01:41] – Tell everyone first who you are and what you’re doing.

  • I’m a health coach.
  • And I’m a number one bestselling author and I’ve been featured in the top entrepreneur’s list on Forbes. I live in Florida and I have six pets. 


[02:17] – Tell me all about the pets.

  • I love them so much. I have four cats and three hamsters.


[03:00] – I know that you had a near-death experience. How did you experience that? And what was it that brought you to this event?

  • One night, as I was trying to fall asleep after a long day of school and work. I felt my heart beating hard and fast. And it was so hard that it was hurting my ribs and my whole chest was just shaking, we finally called 911. 


[10:58] – How did you make sure you’re not sticking to the victimhood of the story?

  • I didn’t think it was going to last as many years as it lasted. I didn’t think my healing journey was going to be that long. 
  •  I think that that naïveté really helped me. 


[18:54] –  Where do you actually start when you started to decide to take it in your own hands?

  • So it does make a difference to have the right doctor with you who will listen to you.


[29:07] – What do you think was the big breaking point for you in your healing from your heart disease? 

  • The big thing for me with that was definitely getting out of all my food allergies.


[31:50] – How do you explain that out of the blue you got a food allergy that almost killed you?

  •  I think I had it my whole life. 


[35:14] – How did you start cutting out all of the things that were not serving you anymore?

  • Food and lifestyle that was so easy.


[40:52] – What do you think is the biggest problem in the American diet?

  • the Quarantine is another perfect example, what sold out? Junk food sold out, all the ice cream sold out. Do you know what didn’t sell out? Fruits, vegetables, turmeric ginger, vitamin C.


[53:27] – What does efficiency mean to you?

  • You’ll be more efficient in your business. If you’re sleeping well, eating well, exercising and being healthy, and taking care of yourself. It’s less sick days, fewer mistakes due to stress.


[58:40] – If you had to start all over again, but you keep the knowledge that you have, which would be the three things that you would do over and over again to get to the success where you are now?

  • Number one I never would have gotten that sick. 
  • Number two, I never would have taken as many medications. 


You’ll be more efficient in your business. If you’re sleeping well, eating well, exercising and being healthy, and taking care of yourself.

Aimee Tariq

You either pay for your health now, or you’re paying for being treated for your illnesses later.

Monique Lindner

People say you don’t have time for health, you don’t have time not to be healthy.

Aimee Tariq