Funnels, Fire & The Fuel of Life with John Ainsworth

This is the man who built automated funnels for over 10 years. The man who helped people increase their revenue between 25 - 300%. The genius, John Ainsworth. In today’s episode, John will talk about how people take action when they are in the right emotional and mental state to do so and how people are way more likely to buy from someone if they've bought from them before and got good value.


[01:14] – Monique introduces her guest, John Ainsworth.


[02:16] – Tell me a little bit about where you are right now and what you’re doing basically?

  • What we do is we help people who are selling info products like online courses.
  • We help people to figure out how to set up email marketing, the sales pages, facebook retargeting.


[05:03] – How do we get started with an info Product Funnel?

  • Building trust with audiences
  • People will take action when they are in the right emotional and mental state to do it.
  • After that, they’re definitely ready to buy something else from you.


[12:20] – For people who haven’t been doing that before, where should they be starting and what shouldn’t they be doing?

  • If you’re already selling something it should be easy
  • You can do it in teachable, WordPress.


[14:04] – What do you think is the most important thing was the email marketing?

  • One thing is to send to people who bought the tripwire send them a couple of emails,
    reminding them about the offer of buying the main course from you.


[20:28] – How do you work with your team?

  • I’ve got a team of four people.
  • Every week I do a planning session, and I’ll go through and I’ll figure out what needs to get done this week.
  • Figuring out my “why” really trying to narrow down and understand why is it that I’m doing this, what is my purpose? What am I trying to achieve?


[26:46] – Monique talks about the seven levels of why.

  • If you don’t cry, it’s not your why.


[32:20] – How do you actually define efficiency?

  • Trying to make everything run elegantly as like cutting out all of the bits that don’t need doing. 


[47:58] – What are the top three recommendations or advice or things that you would do if you have to start over again to be not working hard, but efficient and still getting to your goals?

  • First – find out what people really want
  • Second – look at the journaling
  • Third – being willing to be emotionally uncomfortable




    [13:07] – Teachable – a platform to produce and host your course on:

    [13:10] – Wordpress – A CMS system to build websites and online stores on with the best plugins & templates available on the market:

    [32:58] – The 80-20 principle – A helpful method to be able to prioritize life & business better  – 


    People will take action when they are in the right emotional and mental state to do it

    John Ainsworth

    The biggest foundation for your motivation is your motive

    Monique Lindner

    I think one of the things that have managed to do well, is willing to be wrong
    John Ainsworth




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