Fitness, Failure & Feeling Good with Michael Chu

Michael Chu is no feather weight in business. He is a 10x National Karate Champion and runs a high-end 7 Figure Business. As a Business Growth Expert he helps entrepreneurs to achieve Peak Performance through Nutrition, Training and lifestyle changes.In today’s episode, Michael and Monique are talking about that being in great shape doesn’t have to mean you need to struggle and sacrifice something for it. Imagine: What if you could make the same amount of money, but work less? Or what if you could make the same amount of money and be in great shape? Found out in this episode how you can achieve all of that!


[01:41] – Monique introduces her guest, Michael Chu.


[01:46] – Tell everyone who are you and what are you doing?

        • I’m the founder of champion development
        • We help entrepreneurs, network marketers and direct sales leaders win in their business, and we help them by winning with their health so they can grow in their wealth and their relationships as well. 

[02:27] – How you use health to actually accelerate wealth?

        • I’ve always believed that like your energy, your health, your routines directly impact all the other areas of your life.

[05:49] – Did you experience burnout? How did it impact your mental health, your emotional health, and your energy?

        • I always relate to the fact that I was starting to make more money, but my fulfillment was in the dumps.
        • When I invest in my health, I invest in my business directly.

[12:22] – How will all of this wealth not fulfill them if they don’t have their health and energy. How do you approach that with them?

        • First thing is to make sure that people realize that I’m trying to show them that they can have both. 
        • What I do try and present to them is to just consider what if you could make the same amount of money, but workless? 

[21:38] – Can you pinpoint the top three self-sabotaging behaviours that come with our health habits?

        • Limiting belief about working hard.
        • The poor mentality around food.
        • A relationship to being fit equals miserable.

[34:36] – So what did you struggle the most to go from training seven days a week and then get into business and then having to find your own way of actually works for you?

        • I think the first one was my own ego.
        • The second was when I finally confronted
        • My third struggle was I did what everybody else does.

[40:18] – What do you think the hardest thing you had to do in business and your journey?

        • I made a decision to move roles and go chase what I thought was going to be a bigger opportunity.  

[44:11] – Talk to me about why you didn’t expect entrepreneurship to be a roller coaster?

        • I think I prepared for challenges.
        • I was expecting a little bit of bumpiness and roller coaster, but I didn’t expect the straight dropdown. 

[49:42] – What are the top three things that you will definitely do all over again, to get back to where you are today?

        • Learn the skill of sales.
        • Committing to learning personal growth and leadership.
        • Learning how to create balance and fulfillment and how you manage time. 

[52:08] – What does efficiency mean to you?

        • Maximum production with the least amount of effort or time. 






A man with his health has thousands of dreams. And without his health only has one dream.

Michael Chu

You either invest in your health today, or you pay for your illnesses later.

Monique Lindner

Efficiency is maximum production with the least amount of effort or time

Michael Chu