Fear, Fate & Flow with Michael Dash

Michael G. Dash is an entrepreneur, best-selling author of Chasing The High, business coach, recovering addict, speaker and philanthropist. He founded the F.A.T.E. series (From Addict to Entrepreneur) published on Thrive Global & Medium and MD Coaching and Mentoring where he works with entrepreneurs helping them streamline their businesses while increasing profits and helping them find clarity, consistency and connection allowing them to step into the true leader they were meant to be. He is the co-founder of the Activated.Life, a social movement focused on inspiring a culture of positivity, authenticity, passion, empathy, and resilience while giving back to others. Michael is an avid volunteer, fundraiser, and mentor, and is dedicated to bringing positive change to leaders of all kind. In today’s episode, Michael talks to Monique about various addictions including work, gambling, cocaine, marijuana and adderall just to name a few. He worked harder and longer than anyone he knew and built a $5.5 million dollar a year company. He started resenting the very business he built. He was not fulfilled so after 11 years he made a change and sold out not knowing where his next paycheck would come from. He realized that true fulfillment is helping others in relatable situations change their lives.


[1:25] –  Monique introduces her guest, Michael Dash.

[1:40] – Who are you? What do you do? And where are you right now?

          • I am a magical human being full of positive energy.
          • I’m in Tulum, Mexico right now.
          • I’ve been on an entrepreneurial path through most of my life.

[4:58] – Michael shares his background, habits and routines.

[7:07] – How did you get started?

          • I got started when I was very young, 11 years old, my uncle introduced me to gambling.

[16:37] – How was your journey of giving up gambling and giving up drug dealing, taking drugs? What was the hardest part?

          • The hardest part is disassociating yourself with people that you believe in your mind are friends of yours.
          • Removing yourself from that environment is a key to changing your future.

[22:50] – Michael talks about how he learned the energy flow.

[44:50] – How do you use the concept of flow to build your habits?

          • When it comes to habits, I’m a big believer in getting into what I call it the habit of habit making.

[50:12] – Can you give three tips to the people out there, how to not slip back into unhealthy habits.

          • Move your body every single day.
          • Work your brain.
          • Stay connected. 

[52:37] –  What does efficiency mean to you?

          • Efficiency actually means allowing flow to provide inspiration to provide output. 

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Efficiency actually means allowing flow to provide inspiration to provide output.

Michael Dash

When you have expectations on things, then that’s automatically tying your emotions up.

Michael Dash


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