Falling, Faith & Family with Mohammad Gharbieh

Mohammad Gharbieh is a Leader of HVAC company. Offering only the best heating and cooling systems around. Quality and excellent customer service have helped them grow to become one of the most trusted HVAC experts in the area.An unexpected injury changed his life. Mohammad fell off the back of a van only moving 5 mph and hit his head on the concrete. The consequences were extreme: no memory for 6 months, 3 doctors said he was gone. But somehow, someway he came back to work within 9 months only. In today’s episode, Mohammad and Monique are talking about safety as the number one factor at work, how to overcome such extreme challenges, and how faith and family play a huge role in recovery.


[01:27] – Monique introduces her guest, Mohammad Gharbieh.

[01:57] – Tell us about who you are, where you from, and what you’re doing?

  • My name is Mohammad Gharbieh, I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.

[4:20] – How is it like to be working with your dad, uncles, and your mom as well? 

  • Fortunately enough, we all work together as a team. We all appreciate everybody’s efforts.

[05:52] – Do you think it’s a little bit of a cultural aspect that maybe your family business operates differently than traditional American Families?

  • I don’t know how many others are family companies, but a lot of companies are successful because they do treat people fairly. 


[06:55] –  So how does it look like right now for you and your business, to take care of all of your employees, your family during a pandemic?

  • We’re trying to continue to grow the service and maintenance and replacement business to keep our guys busy. Even if they’re not working full-time we’re still paying them as if they were.

[08:42] – What do you think about wannabe gurus out there who just fired 80% of their team?

  • I definitely think it’s about holding on to their money.

[11:01] –  Mohammad talks about the crazy accident and what happened


[15:16] – What do you think was the biggest lesson afterward that you would take from that experience?

  • Safety is the number one factor in everything that we do at work.


[17:47] – What was it that impacted others so much that they would come to you for so long, so often, or maybe from far away?

  • I was a young kid who worked really, really hard, and tried to make the best for myself and my family. 
  • I never ever thought about myself. I was always a caring person for anybody and everybody around me.


[19:08] – How did your wife help you after the accident when you had to recover, to get through all of that?

  • It’s really difficult because my wife, we found out a couple of weeks before I got hurt, that my wife was pregnant with our second baby.
  • The situation did not put her in a good place. But she constantly prayed for me, she prayed for me night and day, and she would beg God to get me better and she cared about me so much.
  • Nur (Mohammad’s wife) explains how she and her family handled the situation and how they cared for Mohammad in the hospital


[33:56] – Do you even make any plans for the future? What are the next steps that you want to achieve for your family and for your business and for yourself just in general?

  •  Just be more efficient in everything that I do.


[44:56] – Tell me what efficiency means to you?

  • Efficiency is improving and doing the best that you can do in any situation.


[45:32] – Which of the three things would you do over and over again to get back to success? 

  • Trying new things.
  • Always show the best effort and everything that you do.
  • Stick to doing best for other people. 


Whatever happens is what’s written for us already.

Nur Ashour

Safety is the number one priority for us, even above the quality of the qualities in our name.

Mohammad Gharbieh

If you pray for something, you have to pray with the faith knowing that God is going to answer your prayer.”

Nur Ashour


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