Evolving, Expanding & Energy with Danielle Sunberg

Former 'big law' attorney turned wellness entrepreneur and as well as a certified usui reiki master and transformational coach to top performers, Danielle Sunberg left the traditional definition of success behind to travel the world and discover what truly made her happy. She shares the wisdom she had learned about the nature of the mind and the heart to help people tap into the genius that lives within themselves and align their lives with who they are and what they want. As an attorney, I was depressed and saw doctors who prescribed meds. In the west, we pathologize everything and I saw it as a sickness. Leaving my home and culture behind to explore the world, I realized that it was not a sickness but a CLUE that I was ready to embark on the next phase of my inner growth. Relevancy to efficiency: emotions are our internal GPS. They give us warnings that get louder over time. The more tapped in you are to your emotional GPS, the easier it is to stay on course to create a satisfying life. In today’s episode, Danielle talks to Monique about Problem solving efficiently, understanding the nature of the mind and how we solve problems allows us to solve them much faster and with less stress.


[1:21] – Monique introduces her guest, Danielle Sunberg.


[2:49] – Tell me what you actually did in your previous life.

  • I think a lot of us are starting to blossom from having one career and then taking this leap or pivot and then starting a totally second new career. That’s what happened to me. 
  • I learned a ton about what it means to connect to yourself. 


[23:28] – How do you think people can make a difference when it comes to inner wisdom that’s calling them or is it really something medical that they should be looking at? How do we address that in a world that doesn’t allow us to think for ourselves when it comes to wellness?

  • What we aren’t taught growing up is what it means to have an emotion.
  • Some people, they only need to experience a little bit of pain before they go.
  • And some people need to get clinically depressed, before they say something needs to change.


[30:39] – What happened when you were in Thailand and how you got to specifically learn about the gift of Reiki?

  • I actually didn’t get into Reiki specifically in Thailand, Reiki is a Japanese energy modality.
  • The reason I got into Reiki specifically, is during my time traveling in Thailand, it sort of opened me up to this gift of facilitating the movement of energy.


[41:34] – What would you say about the different versions of how energy can show up for people and how they can start to connect more to it?

  • The initial thing I would say is that we all have our own intuition.
  • If you just keep following the satisfying feeling of your intuition, it’ll keep leading you towards satisfaction. 


[46:23] – I want to know how you use Reiki with your clients, what do you basically do to help them and how do you help them with that?

  • Reiki is kind of a massage without the touching. 
  • It can be done remotely. 
  • We together travel the body with a chakra system, your seven chakras that are located all along the spine. And we use those in Reiki as an organizational system to understand the energy that’s being facilitated. 


[53:00] – What does efficiency mean to you?

  • Efficiency for me is completing a task, or a project or the goal, in the way that feels most effortless.


[54:19] – Which of the three things would you keep doing over and over again to get back to success?

  • I would repeat my childhood.
  • Meeting my husband.
  • Traveling the backpack experience around the world.

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    Efficiency for me is completing a task, or a project, in a way that feels most effortless.

    Danielle Sunberg

    What we aren’t taught growing up is what it means to have an emotion.

    Danielle Sunberg


    Danielle Sunberg
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