In my 15+ years of operating, learning & performing on the highest level myself I had the pleasure to work with CEOs, business leaders and teams of up to 160 people to help them improve their performance. Sometimes we set up new structures, systems & processes (for example during my time with Siemens Enterprise Networks) or we would work on training the team on different methods of productivity, focus and a strong mindset (such as with Apple for their Sales & Support team of 140 that I built) and at other times it was all about planning, project management and an overall  better use of time (and reducing it during the week) such as with my clients now.

My mission with this show ...

With EFFICIENCY ON DEMAND I want to bring out the human behind the entrepreneur or business owner and straight to you. I want to show you that we are all human and that sometimes we lived through crazy, ridiculous, dirty, funny or straight out unbelievable stories and that our ‘overnight success’ took rather 10 years of hard work, adversity, sweat & blood to boom. 

But more so I want to empower you, to know that if we can overcome all of that and create success, so can you, too! Hence we will also share all the nitty-gritty & actionable steps & lessons learned for you, so you can save the time to do so for yourself and, well, be more efficient after all.

I traveled far to meet the most incredible people for our show…


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Finances, Fun & Freedom with Ben McAdam

Finances, Fun & Freedom with Ben McAdam

HOT TOPICS OF THE EPISODE [1:14] – Monique introduces her guest Mr. Ben McAdam from Sydney Australia.    [1:54] - What are you actually doing for entrepreneurs out there? ·    I'm a profit Coach, advisor, coaching kind of a role. ·    I help business owners who...

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