Energy, Emotions & Excellence with Jared Bull

A former Marine, Combat Veteran and certified Sherpa Executive Coach. Working with him will change how you view and interact with the world! Today’s episode, Jared tells all about how it feels like having a spirit animal to lead his way and instantly get that blissful feeling and leading to his first client. Let’s hear his journey together with your host, Monique.


[01:23] – Monique welcomes her guest Jared Bull.


[02:50] – How did you get to be a transformational coach?

  • It started as I went into the Marine Corps when I was 17 years old.
  • I graduated from college and then I started up a YouTube channel
  • I was producing highly valuable content that the market on YouTube really resonated with and then people are just like, Oh, can I start paying you?


[08:27] – How would you approach being on the front (team leading)?

  • I was interacting on the ground with the people


[11:40] – How would you approach to figure out someone’s values and value system?

  • If you want to be successful as a business and you want to scale, eventually culture building is absolutely integral to maintaining that expansion,


[14:57] –  What would you do with your clients to figure out what’s their core values and their value system. 

  • the first thing that I suggest is “who are you actually being on a daily basis?”
  • hiring by personal values.
  • qualifications and your tech skills


[19:38] –  How are you going to figure out the value system of the person behind the company

  • The first thing that I always do is what I call a values assessment sheet.


[22:58] – So What are your top three core values?

  • Trust
  • Efficiency
  • Fulfillment

[25:00] – Monique shared her core values.

  • Experience
  • Impact
  • Energy

[28:14] –  Jared: Are you able to identify what makes you feel that flow with a certain individual?

  • Monique: I get trigeminal nerve pain in my face from people who act in a certain toxic way.


[45:04] – Why did you decide to live with the yogi? And how did you settle into it? 

  • if I wanted to create a new part of myself, I have to remove myself from every influence that I’ve ever had.


[38:18] – when you went back to America, that must have been a reverse culture shock, wasn’t it?

  • flying back in Philadelphia,  the collective energy of everything was just totally, I was like, “this is not it. I’m not gonna stay here.”


[43:20] – what does efficiency actually mean to you?

  • So I think efficiency would just be aligning to the environment. know what environment you’re in, know the field that you’re playing in, know the game, and then build the system.




    [43:05] – Inner Engineering by Sadhguru


    Culture building is absolutely integral to maintaining expansion

    Jared Bull

    How you do one thing is how you do everything so you better do things right

    Monique Lindner





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