Depression, Determination & Drive with Nathanael Zurbruegg

Nathanael went from having an incurable chronic illness with a medical prognosis along the lines of ‘He shouldn’t be able to walk, talk, amount to anything and be dead six times by now’ to becoming an entrepreneur, global inspirational speaker and victorious mindset mentor. HIs own story made him realise that anyone can live efficiently no matter the limitations, struggles and setbacks. After 4,500 life-saving treatments, 40 surgeries, 80% hearing loss, depression and burnout, life can be lived efficiently by creating a victorious mindset. In today’s episode, Nathanael and Monique are talking about a guy who loves life despite suffering 30 years from an incurable, chronic illness, called Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome (aHUS) that led to full kidney damage early on in his life. Despite uncountable health issues, psychological meltdowns, emotional breakdowns and hitting the graveyard almost 6 times, he turned around to live life as any other healthy person does!


[1:16] – Monique introduces her guest, Nathanael Zurbruegg.


[1:39] – Tell everyone who you are, where you are and what you do.

  • I’m an inspirational speaker and victorious mentor.
  • I grew up on a big mountain in Switzerland.


[2:19] – How do you define victorious mindset?

  • It’s all about seeing the victory in everything, in everyone and keeping moving.


[3:32] – When was the point that you needed to start to develop your own victorious mindset in your life?

  • When I was seven years old.
  • That was the time when I had my second kidney transplant.


[14:28] – After the second kidney transplant at age seven, you had these for two and a half years, was it the first time for you to go to kindergarten or school?

  • I actually started kindergarten shortly after I got a transplant.


[18:33] – Have they been bullying you in school?

  • I was never bullied.


[21:05] – Nathanael talks about what happened when his kidney got destroyed again.


[29:48] – What were your friends doing in these times, did they visit you? Did you allow them to visit you?

  • Absolutely not.
  • I actually wanted to be on my own.


[38:16] –  Let’s talk a little bit about the time where you finally got out of everything, a little bit happier, you got a little bit more stable in your life. When was that?

  • When I was 10 years old. And I just kept going, going to school.


[46:22] – What is your favorite exercise to do for yourself?

  • So mostly in the morning, what I usually do is five minutes of being grateful, five minutes asking for what I need. 


[48:42] – What does efficiency mean to you?

  • Staying on track of not giving up, developing a routine that you would like to do.


[50:09] – Which of the three things would you keep doing over and over again to get back to success?

  • Being grateful and being content in everything.
  • Developing the positivity of looking at the positive things in life and not looking at the things that don’t exist.
  • Developing a mindset of looking at the big picture.


    Always stay on track of not giving up and developing a routine that you would like to do.

    Nathanael Zurbruegg

    I realized that nothing at a certain point in life that you can’t do it by yourself anymore, or nobody can help you, so you need someone that is way above you.

    Nathanael Zurbruegg


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