Dating, Data & Discussions with Kyree Oliver

Meet the young man who owns a marketing company, is a life coach, business consultant and so much more. Kyree Oliver started in 2013 and didn't have any idea about what a podcast is all about. All he wanted to do, was impacting people. So he started asking people in his nuclear environment and beyond, to talk to him. He interviewed them on all kinda topics, in order to understand the quest of life a bit more. First, Kyree started with his friends, uncles, and slowly moved to interviewing doctors, lawyer, monks and even death row inmates. In today’s episode Monique and Kyree talk about how he gave himself an opportunity to pull from multiple different sources as a role model and how he now uses this knowledge to impact people on the daily.


[01:56] – Monique welcomes her guest, Kyree Oliver


[02:04] – Tell us a little bit about your background.

      • I’m from California
      • I own a marketing company. I do sort of life coaching. I do business consulting for people

[03:35] – How did you get to the point of being able to communicate calmly, but also to just give space to all of these different perspectives?

      • I think it was detaching myself from other people’s perspectives. Like, they don’t need to think the way that I think in order for me to think the way that I think.

[06:00] – Where does that come from? Why would we want to influence other people’s opinions so much?

      • All of us think that if more people thought like us, the world would be a better place. I think everybody thinks that

[07:19] – How would you take steps to the detachment of other people’s opinions?

      • I don’t think I’d say anything to those people. Our perspective isn’t the same

[09:09] – How do you navigate the in-between of like voicing your opinion without discriminating against other people?

      • My job is to make as compelling a case as possible for people to either agree with the way that I think or figure out a better way to think about that same topic.

[11:39] – How did you get into like, being so focused on this topic (masculinity), and why is it so important that we are talking about it?

      • So I think that no matter who we are as people, no matter what group we belong to, what country you’re from, I think we’re all led by masculine and feminine energy

[12:50] – Did you have the role models that you needed as a child?

      • I had multiple role models.
      • And by me not having that (father figure), it gave me an opportunity to pull from multiple different sources.

[13:49] – Can you give me a rough picture of what masculinity looks like to you?

      • Three pillars
      1. A soft heart is your empathy.
      2. Thick skin is your emotional intelligence.
      3. The hard head is your grit determination.

[16:06] – How did you learn all of these things and then adapting it to your own version.

      • I think I just started piecing information together and I started seeing trends.

[17:44] – How did you conduct these 800+ interviews and how did you get people to speak to you?

      • I just started asking the people around me I started asking co-workers, family, friends, and it kind of just grew from there
      • I’ve interviewed almost any type of person you can think of.

[19:00] – What stuck out to you when you interviewed all of them?

      • I genuinely just listened to people for who they were and what their experiences were.

[20:22] – What made the difference for you when you switched over from work first to basically life first?

      • I learned how I’m supposed to set my life up before it needed to be set up that way.

[23:46] – I want to know if you have any dating efficiency tips?

      • The people who are most skeptical about it, they see it as a waste of time. They’re usually people who aren’t very good at it. And often they’re not very good at it. Because they haven’t put a whole lot of time in developing themselves to be the right person to do it.

[26:29] – How can they find out about it?

      • It’s all asking yourself those difficult questions.
      • And I think you can do to dig until you come up with an answer

[28:22] – How do you make sure you don’t have to be just one thing and you’re good at advertising and life coaching?

      • Commitment to being a well-rounded person is probably the biggest thing.


[29:40] – Monique talks about Ikigai.

      • The Japanese concept of combining the thing that you’re really good at was the thing that you’re really passionate at was the thing that you can make money off into your life’s purpose

[31:14] – How do you assess the person itself and not what they were doing?

      • I start forming my opinion or informing my opinion just based on how I watch them interact with themselves and the world around them.

[32:05] – Is it more important for you of how people act or how they speak?

      • Both are very important.

[32:27] – What would you tell to influence a million people right in front of you?

      • Probably it would be just sort of generic advice of finding what’s right for you and chasing what that is

[34:14] – Is there a specific routine to improve yourself?

      • I wouldn’t say that there’s a routine as far as how to change it. It’s just a consistent, concerted effort.


[35:34] – What does efficiency mean to you, then?

      • I would boil it down to the best use of time. And maybe the best use of time is to relax sometimes maybe the best thing is to not do anything.


[36:33] – what would be time-wasters for you?

      • The time that I spend leading up to what I know I’m supposed to do or what I know, I need to do next.


[38:03] – Which would be the top three things that you would suggest anyone doing?

      • I’d say getting very clear on what your purpose is as quickly as possible and then designing your life around what that purpose is.





They don’t need to think the way that I think in order for me to think the way that I think

Kyree Oliver

The goal is to grow. The goal isn’t to be correct

Kyree Oliver

Getting very clear on what your purpose very quickly or as quickly as possible and then designing your life around what that purpose is
Kyree Oliver