Content, Cleaning & Crisis Management with Amar Ghose

Amar Ghose is the CEO and co-founder of, a bootstrapped SaaS company on track to earn over $1 million in 2020. He's accomplished this while traveling the world since 2015 and shares online regularly about entrepreneurship, marketing, and lifestyle design. What makes him unique is finding various ways to turn his perceived weaknesses into strengths.


[03:11] – Monique welcomes her guest, Amar Ghose.

[03:26] – Tell everyone first what you are actually doing and why?

  • I am a digital nomad
  • CEO and co-founder of a very niche software called Zenmaid.
  • I’m still living the same lifestyle, which means we don’t have an office. Everyone is 100% remote

[05:19] – Tell us a little bit about how you started the company?

  • So where the idea came from was I have run my own maid service back in 2012. I ran it for just over a year. And that was after reading a random blog post about how to start your own maid service.


[09:11] – I know there were a lot of things that didn’t go the way you wanted to. So tell me what was the plan? What went wrong?

  • We’ve been working with a product that my initial co-founder had built almost seven years ago. And it was very clear that we were going to rebuild the product from scratch
  • I would say it took over close to a year to really rebuild the product and to redesign everything. 


[20:59] – What was your reaction?

  • Fran will tell you how weirdly calm I was as I was describing the situation.


[25:15] – So do you remember at what time in your life you got to the point of being like “I gotta leave this shit behind”.

  • I’ve been practicing that for like, for some time of just focusing on what’s within my control


[27:48] – Did the team actually stick with you or did someone fall behind?

  • I believe that every single person that was on the team when we took that redesign live, is still on the team.


[29:43] – What did you do to support the team to build the culture?

  • I definitely have not been very intentional about this.
  • But I feel like as an extrovert, I don’t really feel like I ever really had to focus or worry about culture.


[34:24] – What would you say about the number of people that are with you full time and how many of them are entrepreneurs?

  • So we have four people on our sales team, and all four of them own their own maid services that use Zenmaid every single day. So I don’t have to train them up to be salespeople.


[37:48] – Why do you hire your own customers?

  • It does work out well though, eg. with maid service owners
  • A lot of them would be happy to take a consistent two or four hours a day, where they just know they’re getting a consistent pay-check.


[43:33] – Tell me about how you manage your time throughout these past seven years

  • I’ve essentially just always focused on consistent action.
  • But my main thing in terms of management is environment control.


[46:19] – How about combining traveling and work?

  • I only work for maybe three to four hours a day
  • In terms of travel, I essentially have like the same set of habits, but how they sort of fall into place or fall into my schedule changes based on where I am.


[50:22] – What do you think efficiency means to you?

  • Efficiency to me is is essentially finding your personal best path to achieve your goals.


[53:52] – What are the top three skills or characteristics that you wouldn’t want to miss to achieve your goals?

  • I think that every single entrepreneur on the planet should study copywriting.
  • If you’re getting into entrepreneurship because you think that it’s going to be easy and that you’re just going to get to do all of the things that you love and nothing else, then you probably need a bit of a wake-up call.
  • Enjoy the journey or like surround yourself with people that you love.





[02:41] – ZenMaid – Management App for Maid Services

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Focusing on what’s within your control.

Amar Ghose

Efficiency is essentially finding your personal best path to achieve your goals.

Amar Ghose

Your biggest disadvantages can turn into your biggest advantages.
Amar Ghose