Content, Cleaning & Crisis Management with Amar Ghose

Content, Cleaning & Crisis Management with Amar Ghose

Content, Cleaning & Crisis Management with Amar Ghose

Amar Ghose is the CEO and co-founder of, a bootstrapped SaaS company on track to earn over $1 million in 2020. He's accomplished this while traveling the world since 2015 and shares online regularly about entrepreneurship, marketing, and lifestyle design. What makes him unique is finding various ways to turn his perceived weaknesses into strengths.


[03:11] – Monique welcomes her guest, Amar Ghose.

[03:26] – Tell everyone first what you are actually doing and why?

  • I am a digital nomad
  • CEO and co-founder of a very niche software called Zenmaid.
  • I’m still living the same lifestyle, which means we don’t have an office. Everyone is 100% remote

[05:19] – Tell us a little bit about how you started the company?

  • So where the idea came from was I have run my own maid service back in 2012. I ran it for just over a year. And that was after reading a random blog post about how to start your own maid service.


[09:11] – I know there were a lot of things that didn’t go the way you wanted to. So tell me what was the plan? What went wrong?

  • We’ve been working with a product that my initial co-founder had built almost seven years ago. And it was very clear that we were going to rebuild the product from scratch
  • I would say it took over close to a year to really rebuild the product and to redesign everything. 


[20:59] – What was your reaction?

  • Fran will tell you how weirdly calm I was as I was describing the situation.


[25:15] – So do you remember at what time in your life you got to the point of being like “I gotta leave this shit behind”.

  • I’ve been practicing that for like, for some time of just focusing on what’s within my control


[27:48] – Did the team actually stick with you or did someone fall behind?

  • I believe that every single person that was on the team when we took that redesign live, is still on the team.


[29:43] – What did you do to support the team to build the culture?

  • I definitely have not been very intentional about this.
  • But I feel like as an extrovert, I don’t really feel like I ever really had to focus or worry about culture.


[34:24] – What would you say about the number of people that are with you full time and how many of them are entrepreneurs?

  • So we have four people on our sales team, and all four of them own their own maid services that use Zenmaid every single day. So I don’t have to train them up to be salespeople.


[37:48] – Why do you hire your own customers?

  • It does work out well though, eg. with maid service owners
  • A lot of them would be happy to take a consistent two or four hours a day, where they just know they’re getting a consistent pay-check.


[43:33] – Tell me about how you manage your time throughout these past seven years

  • I’ve essentially just always focused on consistent action.
  • But my main thing in terms of management is environment control.


[46:19] – How about combining traveling and work?

  • I only work for maybe three to four hours a day
  • In terms of travel, I essentially have like the same set of habits, but how they sort of fall into place or fall into my schedule changes based on where I am.


[50:22] – What do you think efficiency means to you?

  • Efficiency to me is is essentially finding your personal best path to achieve your goals.


[53:52] – What are the top three skills or characteristics that you wouldn’t want to miss to achieve your goals?

  • I think that every single entrepreneur on the planet should study copywriting.
  • If you’re getting into entrepreneurship because you think that it’s going to be easy and that you’re just going to get to do all of the things that you love and nothing else, then you probably need a bit of a wake-up call.
  • Enjoy the journey or like surround yourself with people that you love.





[02:41] – ZenMaid – Management App for Maid Services

[57:27] – 100 Videos in 100 Days – Follow along


Focusing on what’s within your control.

Amar Ghose

Efficiency is essentially finding your personal best path to achieve your goals.

Amar Ghose

Your biggest disadvantages can turn into your biggest advantages.
Amar Ghose

Funnels, Fire & The Fuel of Life with John Ainsworth

Funnels, Fire & The Fuel of Life with John Ainsworth

Funnels, Fire & The Fuel of Life with John Ainsworth

This is the man who built automated funnels for over 10 years. The man who helped people increase their revenue between 25 - 300%. The genius, John Ainsworth. In today’s episode, John will talk about how people take action when they are in the right emotional and mental state to do so and how people are way more likely to buy from someone if they've bought from them before and got good value.


[01:14] – Monique introduces her guest, John Ainsworth.


[02:16] – Tell me a little bit about where you are right now and what you’re doing basically?

  • What we do is we help people who are selling info products like online courses.
  • We help people to figure out how to set up email marketing, the sales pages, facebook retargeting.


[05:03] – How do we get started with an info Product Funnel?

  • Building trust with audiences
  • People will take action when they are in the right emotional and mental state to do it.
  • After that, they’re definitely ready to buy something else from you.


[12:20] – For people who haven’t been doing that before, where should they be starting and what shouldn’t they be doing?

  • If you’re already selling something it should be easy
  • You can do it in teachable, WordPress.


[14:04] – What do you think is the most important thing was the email marketing?

  • One thing is to send to people who bought the tripwire send them a couple of emails,
    reminding them about the offer of buying the main course from you.


[20:28] – How do you work with your team?

  • I’ve got a team of four people.
  • Every week I do a planning session, and I’ll go through and I’ll figure out what needs to get done this week.
  • Figuring out my “why” really trying to narrow down and understand why is it that I’m doing this, what is my purpose? What am I trying to achieve?


[26:46] – Monique talks about the seven levels of why.

  • If you don’t cry, it’s not your why.


[32:20] – How do you actually define efficiency?

  • Trying to make everything run elegantly as like cutting out all of the bits that don’t need doing. 


[47:58] – What are the top three recommendations or advice or things that you would do if you have to start over again to be not working hard, but efficient and still getting to your goals?

  • First – find out what people really want
  • Second – look at the journaling
  • Third – being willing to be emotionally uncomfortable




    [13:07] – Teachable – a platform to produce and host your course on:

    [13:10] – Wordpress – A CMS system to build websites and online stores on with the best plugins & templates available on the market:

    [32:58] – The 80-20 principle – A helpful method to be able to prioritize life & business better  – 


    People will take action when they are in the right emotional and mental state to do it

    John Ainsworth

    The biggest foundation for your motivation is your motive

    Monique Lindner

    I think one of the things that have managed to do well, is willing to be wrong
    John Ainsworth



    [email protected]

    Mini Funnel Audit

    People, Power & Performance with Mads Singers

    People, Power & Performance with Mads Singers

    People, Power & Performance with Mads Singers

    Meet Mads Singers, the Top Management Coach, and Consultant. He helps business owners focus on running and growing their business rather than working in it.Allow Mads to change your approach to management and the way you interact and communicate with team members and learn how DISC can change your business. Let’s learn more about Mads together with your host, Monique.


    [01:11] – Monique introduces her guest, Mads Singers.


    [01:43] – Tell our audience a little bit about who you are.

    • Originally from Denmark and spent 20 years being in management and this is my passion.

    [04:20] – Tell me what are the huge difference between leadership and management?

    • Most people feel management is a big scary thing.
    • The reason why most people find management very scary is, that they’ve never spent any time improving it


    [07:48] – Mads talks about how small things can make huge differences.

    [13:40] – Mads explains how you get the good stuff by looking at the things from the good side.

    [14:50] – Mads describes personalities sort of behavioural tools.

    [18:13] – Mads talks about different kinds of people.


    [20:03] – Can you explain more about the DISC profile?

    • D – Dominance. Describes dominant people.
    • I – Influence. People who love getting attention.
    • S – Steadiness. People who always think about everyone else before they think about themselves.
    • C – Compliance. For very detail-oriented people. 


    [23:59] – Mads explains the DISC profile in detail. 

    [24:25] – When you we first met, what did you think was my result?

    • Your fundamentals from a basic point of view shows a DC.
    • You’re extremely task-focused. 


    [25:19] – Monique and Mads discuss cultural aspects that play into DISC results.

    [28:57] – Mads talks about clients he’s working with. 

    [30:13] – Monique and Mads explain what core value means. 


    [34:22] – Tell me about how you actually got started with this work and why you’re doing it?

    • I am a naturally high S and a high C and my passion is helping people so that’s sort of the primary drive for myself.


    [35:40] – What was the most unbelievable story throughout your coaching?

    • Mads tells the story of a client and his team
    • The problem is a lot of people like new shit, they like getting more responsibility.


    [38:07] –  What does efficiency mean to you?

    • For me, it’s all about prioritization.
    • it’s really about if are you using the time on the right things?




      Find Mads management course here:

      More information about the DiSC profile:

      Free DISC test (short version):


      The small things are what can make huge differences

      Mads Singers

      People find management very scary because they never spent any time improving it

      Mads Singers

      The more you can look at things from the good side, the more you get the good stuff out of it
      Mads Singers






      Energy, Emotions & Excellence with Jared Bull

      Energy, Emotions & Excellence with Jared Bull

      Energy, Emotions & Excellence with Jared Bull

      A former Marine, Combat Veteran and certified Sherpa Executive Coach. Working with him will change how you view and interact with the world! Today’s episode, Jared tells all about how it feels like having a spirit animal to lead his way and instantly get that blissful feeling and leading to his first client. Let’s hear his journey together with your host, Monique.


      [01:23] – Monique welcomes her guest Jared Bull.


      [02:50] – How did you get to be a transformational coach?

      • It started as I went into the Marine Corps when I was 17 years old.
      • I graduated from college and then I started up a YouTube channel
      • I was producing highly valuable content that the market on YouTube really resonated with and then people are just like, Oh, can I start paying you?


      [08:27] – How would you approach being on the front (team leading)?

      • I was interacting on the ground with the people


      [11:40] – How would you approach to figure out someone’s values and value system?

      • If you want to be successful as a business and you want to scale, eventually culture building is absolutely integral to maintaining that expansion,


      [14:57] –  What would you do with your clients to figure out what’s their core values and their value system. 

      • the first thing that I suggest is “who are you actually being on a daily basis?”
      • hiring by personal values.
      • qualifications and your tech skills


      [19:38] –  How are you going to figure out the value system of the person behind the company

      • The first thing that I always do is what I call a values assessment sheet.


      [22:58] – So What are your top three core values?

      • Trust
      • Efficiency
      • Fulfillment

      [25:00] – Monique shared her core values.

      • Experience
      • Impact
      • Energy

      [28:14] –  Jared: Are you able to identify what makes you feel that flow with a certain individual?

      • Monique: I get trigeminal nerve pain in my face from people who act in a certain toxic way.


      [45:04] – Why did you decide to live with the yogi? And how did you settle into it? 

      • if I wanted to create a new part of myself, I have to remove myself from every influence that I’ve ever had.


      [38:18] – when you went back to America, that must have been a reverse culture shock, wasn’t it?

      • flying back in Philadelphia,  the collective energy of everything was just totally, I was like, “this is not it. I’m not gonna stay here.”


      [43:20] – what does efficiency actually mean to you?

      • So I think efficiency would just be aligning to the environment. know what environment you’re in, know the field that you’re playing in, know the game, and then build the system.




        [43:05] – Inner Engineering by Sadhguru


        Culture building is absolutely integral to maintaining expansion

        Jared Bull

        How you do one thing is how you do everything so you better do things right

        Monique Lindner





        Three resources you find online:

        1. 26 page PDF to help you increase Client Enrollment by 85%.
        2. Client acquisition class
        3. A free 80 to 90-minute training specifically for coaches and entrepreneurs who want to expand their business
        Copy, Coffee & Conversions with Adil Amarsi

        Copy, Coffee & Conversions with Adil Amarsi

        Copy, Coffee & Conversions with Adil Amarsi

        The Alchemist of Persuasion, the storyseller, the Michelangelo of offer creation, the artist-entrepreneur Adil Amarsi. Adil has been writing copy for 18 years since he was 12 years old. He started to write more stories for his father’s company and he didn't know at that time that his father was actually using them to promote his business. Adil was actually using it as a way to improve the speed of his writing. Be inspired by the genius of copywriting, using his ability to manage not only to live the life he wants but also have been fortunate enough to help people in different industries and more go on to have massive success. Let us hear from Adil Amarsi and your host Monique.


        [01:16] – Monique introduces her guest Mr. Adil Amarsi


        [02:57] – Tell me why you have all these copywriting names and why you’re such a genius in copywriting.

        • I’ve been doing this 12 years as of today.
        • I’m on track to hit $700 million made from my clients in that 12 year period. So that’s the reason that I have so many different nicknames.


        [04:01] – What you were writing as a 12-year-old?

        • I was writing more stories for my dad for his company.
        • I didn’t know at the time that he was actually using them to promote his business, I was actually just using it as a way to improve the speed of my writing.


        [04:50] – Let’s talk about getting faster and better at something.

        • I’ve developed systems over the last like 10 years to help me write copy quickly.
        • I have a blueprint in my head.


        [08:07] – So how did you get started to look at the way of writing copy?

        • I’d use the John Carlton system.
        • John’s system has three questions.
        1. Who are you?
        2. What are you selling?
        3. And how do I buy it?


        [12:45] – You have a table full of work. Now what? creative people usually are not very efficient.

        • I found actually giving myself routine time and breaks when I start and finish.


        [17:09] – When was the time that you actually tried to push through things, but you just overwhelmed yourself?

        • So many times. I’ve had that very recently.
        • If you don’t have a system in place for the efficiency as you basically put out, it overwhelms.


        [18:50] – What does efficiency mean to you?

        • So efficiency, the way they look at it is it’s the ability to become productive in what you do
        • allows you to get a task done quickly.


        [19:52] – And how important is it for your job, or for your work?

        • It’s important for everyone to be this way, just simply because it allows you to:
        1. produce more
        2. feel happier
        3. you get into that habit of completing tasks fairly quickly.


        [20:46] – How do you use creativity to actually enhance your efficiency?

        • Try and find ways to stimulate my brain. 
        • the other downside of creativity is you find ways of creatively wasting time.
        • I’m very creative on how to be procrastinating.


        [22:01] – Have you ever tried to schedule in and do something that is different from your work?

        • I actually really enjoy drawing.
        • Basically, the whole plan just has as much humanly fun as possible


        [26:39] – So if you could choose to only work with a certain kind of client, who would that be?

        • My favorite clients have always been the ones that have a good story.


        [29:06] – What helped you the most to pick yourself up and move forward in an efficient way.

        • Having the right people around me that I can go to and ask for their help.
        • Another one that really truly helps is learning from other people’s mistakes.


        [32:18] – Where do you think you would like to be more efficient? And where do you not want to be efficient?

        • I don’t want to be efficient in writing as much anymore. 
        • I want to get more efficient in like extremely efficient in is ideation.


        [33:09] – If you had to leave three pieces of advice for our users that they can implement straight away, to be more efficient, what would it be?

        • Get a notepad and start reading as many commercially successful fiction books as possible.
        • When it comes down to writing a copy just practice, write one thing every single day.
        • Get a mentor.
        • Pick a day once a week that you will feel fully take off.




        [31:03] – All You Can Do is All You Can Do, But All You Can Do is Enough – Arthur L. Williams Jr.


        Efficiency, the way I look at it is, it’s the ability to become productive in what you do.

        Adil Amarsi

        The other downside of creativity is, you always find ways of creatively wasting time.

        Adil Amarsi

        The other one that really truly helps, besides learning from your mistakes, is learning from other people’s mistakes.
        Adil Amarsi

        The 5 Steps to A Perfect Morning Routine for Busy Leaders

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