Finances, Fun & Freedom with Ben McAdam

Finances, Fun & Freedom with Ben McAdam

Finances, Fun & Freedom with Ben McAdam

Finances, Fun & Freedom - how do these fit together you may ask? Monique & Ben will explore how these 3 counterintuitive things can all fit into your life and business when you bring efficiency into the game. Learn the best tips & strategies today from Ben who is a profit coach, virtual CFO & entrepreneur helping business owners earn more profit. Most of his clients went from red to over $100k profit per year, from one phone call with him.


 [1:14] – Monique introduces her guest Mr. Ben McAdam from Sydney Australia.


 [1:54] – What are you actually doing for entrepreneurs out there?

·    I’m a profit Coach, advisor, coaching kind of a role.

·    I help business owners who run six or seven-figure businesses and they looking to grow and earn more.


[2:44] – Can you give us a little professional background?

·    I studied at the Sydney Conservatory of Music for a year and a half doing a music education degree after I finished high school.

·    The book “Rich dad poor dad” actually helped me with my own business.


[9:58] – What does efficiency mean to you?

·    Being efficient with the things you put on your to-do list, removing the things that aren’t necessary.

·    Only do the things that really need to be done.


[20:24] – What are the steps that take you away from “I don’t want to be out there”?

·    I just go chat with people, they noticed how hopeful I am and that’s kind of like my “baby steps”.

·    Helping more and more people, and then I’d get referrals, and that requires me to put myself out there.

·    I said to myself, all right, Ben, it’s time to stop avoiding marketing.

·    It was 10 or 15 times I was putting myself there over a whole year.


[26:02] – Ben talks about being a brave business owner and continue to push himself out of the comfort zone.

[27:00] – Monique discusses how to raise awareness for yourself and to be in tune with your emotions.

[29:26] – Ben describes the type of people he talks to.

[32:44] – Monique and Ben explain what is the Kaizen principle was all about.

[34:18] – Monique explains how progress works. (sometimes people looking for big wins rather than a slow movement.)

[39:01] – What are those steps that worked for you and you would repeat over and over again.

·    focus on what you’re uncomfortable to do.

·    get better at pushing through that uncomfortable feeling because that’s where your success element eliminates things that you don’t actually need to do.




[03:20] – Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

[10:07] – The 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferris


Do the uncomfortable things that need to be done

Ben McAdam

Be happy if it takes you a while to get past those things

Ben McAdam

Get rid of the stuff You really shouldn’t be doing, it’s a waste of your time. Like get rid of the busyness and focus on being productive
Ben McAdam