Changing how the world thinks & cares about TIME. One Episode per week.

This show comes down to ONE thing: Efficiency. 

Why? Because it is one of the special ingredients, that once applied, you can sky-rocket your life & business. Efficiency makes everything so much better, so why not just using it!

Now the question is “How the heck am I going to become more efficient? Where do I start? What should I do?” – no worries, these are the exact questions that my guests & me will answer for you! But that’s not it … 

We will talk about all things High Performance & Human Optimization such as:

  • Time Management
  • Impactful Leadership
  • Mindhacking
  • Energy Efficiency

These and many other topics will be touched upon as we will dive in to deeply unravel the depth of High Performance & Human Optimization and the backstories of my guests that you otherwise wouldn’t hear anywhere else. Join us now on the journey to efficiency!


Years on the road

Episodes On Air

Dreams come true

Why High Performance & Leadership is ‘my thang’ 

My counterintuitive approach of “Slow down to Speed up” is not only a physical concept (think about the arrow that needs to be pulled back first to be able to shoot forward) but also shows in many of our fellow entrepreneurs when they suddenly – almost ‘out of the blue’ – fall really sick, burn out or feel uninspired, overwhelmed and anxious like never before …
it’s the sign you should not ignore to finally stop, take a deep breathe and slow down
I been there, done that, got the T-Shirt with neon print & the coffee mug.
And now I am here to help you with the strategic & actionable implementation of those methods so you won’t have to cut back on your business nor your lifestyle #GermanEfficiencyondemand

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